We will stay at the Bancroft Tent and Trailer Park near Bancroft ... where we will partake in a Crystal Hunting Adventure at three different mining locations...

 Bancroft, Ontario is called the mineral capital of Canada and is known for crystal hunting, since there are lots of deposits in the area. At the MacDonald Mine, you used to be able to go to some caves and find your own crystals but over time they have closed the majority of them due to accidents in the caves/mines. Unfortunately, they have apparently filled in the cave but there are still many crystals to be found outside and around the cave, so I feel it is worth the trip.

There is also an energy vortex in the cave, so the energy around it will be of a higher vibration

.There are two additional mines/quarrys that are relatively close by , so plan to go to them also since they are relatively close to Bancroft (just 45 min away) and one of them is very unique.  One is a rose quarts mine which is very rare as there are only 5 in North America!   This is a private quarry and special permission and arrangements are required to go there.

Accommodations for Saturday eve of the weekend provide cabins and RV hook-ups.  Tent sites are included in the $60 ticket price. The total cost for mine entries are approx. $26 total. Quadeville mine charges $6 for all you can carry out.

Saturday evening activities will also include a Spirit walk working with crystals for protection ....working with crystals, Communication with stones/crystals and/or nature (trees, insects, animals)

Tickets available at  ... under Events ... Limited spaces available ! TRIP INFORMATION DATE: Saturday May 7th ...1 pm to Sunday 4 PM LOCATION: Bancroft and Quadeville, Ontario.

 TRANSPORTATION  : Car pooling  COST: $ 60 + ENTRANCE FEE'S FOR MINES (Approx $ 20/adult) There is additional cost for purchasing the rose quartz crystals that you choose/find, so bring cash for this.

ACCOMMODATIONS: The paranormal group is staying at the Bancroft Tent and Trailer Park . They may have cabins and there are trailer RV sites at this same location if you are interested in that. If you are tenting ... that is included in the $60 price.

  Paranormal Muskoka will supply the experience (tenting, tour, maps, information seminars, spirit walk, working with crystals) You supply accommodation other than tenting, entry fees ,Travel and Food ... hope to see you there !   

Purchase here through Paypal    ... or through e-transfer to

Crystal Hunting Expedition May 7-8

$ 40 CAD

Includes Tour, Group Tent Site and Activities ... other accomodation, food and mine fees extra ! 

Finally ... here is our Episode of Sue's personal encounter ... and the reason she started Paranormal Muskoka.

... Hi everybody ... I must post a disclaimer on the facts of the story onParanormal Survivor ... so much happened during that experience including people who's privacy must be respected... Michelle Desrochersdid not abandon me as it suggests in the story. She agreed not to return to the original house where the family refused help and moved. We remain close friends today and she helps our group on a continual basis...This happened in 2003, a lot has happened since then ! The entity was eased out with no ill after effects to myself. I was taught by the best how to protect myself and my family and continue to do so...



THANKS to everyone who joined  us Halloween 2015 at the Heritage Place for  Huntsville's Annual

THE GREAT PUMPKIN TRAIL !             We had 665 Visitors !