Thank you to everyone who attended the Sprucedale Hotel

Dinner & Investigation ! A September Event 

is currently in the works and dates and information will

be released within the week !



Finally ... here is our Episode of Sue's personal encounter ... and the reason she started Paranormal Muskoka.

... Hi everybody ... I must post a disclaimer on the facts of the story onParanormal Survivor ... so much happened during that experience including people who's privacy must be respected... Michelle Desrochersdid not abandon me as it suggests in the story. She agreed not to return to the original house where the family refused help and moved. We remain close friends today and she helps our group on a continual basis...This happened in 2003, a lot has happened since then ! The entity was eased out with no ill after effects to myself. I was taught by the best how to protect myself and my family and continue to do so...



THANKS to everyone who joined  us Halloween 2015 at the Heritage Place for  Huntsville's Annual

THE GREAT PUMPKIN TRAIL !             We had 665 Visitors !